Smart Keyless Access

Vacation Rental Lock Solutions

Island Services works with all manufacturers for digital keyless entry to rental properties, the best smart locks for rental property use keycodes, without relying on smartphones. 

They enable check-in and check-out at any time of the day or night (so there’s no problem if your guest is delayed or wants to leave early) and can be remotely changed so that only people with the most up-to-date keycode can gain access.

Smart locks offer connectivity to other elements of your guest’s stay, such as the heat or lighting in their room; the automated emails you might send about check-in, check-out, digital guidebooks, or customer service; and they connect to your existing PMS so you, the host, can manage your entire short-term property portfolio at a glance.

All-in-one keyless smart lock solutions that connect to your PMS, and everything else. 

Single or multiple locations

Update and manage a single location or multiple through the Connect dashboard.

24/7 monitoring

Track and be alerted to battery levels, real time access alerts and remote access removal.

Digital access codes

Instantly provide guests with a unique access code per reservation, made available by email

Meet the demand for contactless

A contactless experience is essential to today’s traveller. Delight your guests with safe and secure self check-in.

Seamless, secure team management

Every team member uses a personal access code to enter each room. Comprehensive activity logs show you exactly who entered and when.

Instant Bluetooth Mobile Key

Paired with the accompanying YourKey+ Mobile Key, guests can now enjoy contactless Bluetooth access.