Island Services Responsible Party Hosting Program
A STR Ordinance Compliance Solution
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Keeping your properties in compliance with the new STR ordinance is something you should take seriously, considering that your ability to produce income depends on it ! 

Responsible Party: What It Means and How to Be Designated  

Being a Responsible Party for a Short Term Rental (STR) means having the authority and capability to act on the owners behalf to ensure compliance with the new local STR Ordinances. The Responsible Party must be designated by the owner of the property. An owner can either make themselves the Responsible Party or designate another individual or entity to serve as the Responsible Party.  

In order to be designated, the Responsible Party must meet strict requirements, including being available 24/7 to coordinate solutions to problems at the property, and being located nearby and able to respond in person within 1 hour of notice. This means that every vacation rental must have someone local, at all times, who can be on call 24/7 to handle issues that arise. There are many other duties that must be performed by a Responsible Party, but the Ordinance makes it clear that the owner must must have someone (or multiple people) local to be able to to comply with the ordinance. That means that vacation rental owners can only be their own responsible party if they are very involved in the day to day operations of the property. It is a serious commitment for which owners must be willing to be on call and responsive 24/7, which is an unwelcome proposition.

Impact on STR Owners

The requirement of a Responsible Party has the biggest impact on vacation rental owners because it makes it much more difficult and cumbersome to self-management of properties. Anyone who owns a vacation rental in Bay County, Panama City Beach, Walton County or Destin but lives elsewhere cannot legally operate their home without either assuming the responsibility personally or hiring someone who can serve as their home’s Responsible Party.

Violations of the Ordinance range from Citations, $FINES with Possible Court Appearances, and Ultimately the possibility of Loss of License. 

Given the fines and penalties imposed by the Ordinance, it becomes clear that owners need to be very involved in the operations of the property or hire a trustworthy Responsible Party. It is about finding a Responsible Party who will be available 24/7, be at the home within an hour, perform property inspections, catch and fix compliance issues in the home, and deal with the City and authorities if needed. Finding "SOMEONE" may be easy. Finding someone trustworthy and knowledgeable is going to be more difficult. 

Why Use A Company As A Responsible Party? 

The new ordinance makes it more difficult for home owners to operate vacation rentals because of the need for a local presence, 24/7 on duty requirement, and keen attention to detail required to stay compliant with the law. This is hard to do unless owners are nearby and 100% dedicated to managing the vacation rental. It also means that the owner (or the owners on call person) must be willing to get out of bed in the middle of the night to respond to a noise violation at the home, leave the golf course early in order to deal with report of over capacity from a neighbor, and pick up trash from the yard if nobody else is willing to do it immediately.  

Moreover, it means assessing your current list of vendors and determining whether you could rely on them with 100% certainty to fulfill the requirements of the Ordinance. It makes relying on handyman, cleaners, real estate agents, friends or neighbors, all of whom have their own priorities, a very risky gamble that might lead to fines and possible loss of license.  

This is why we believe it makes the most sense for owners to hire a dedicated company to serve as your Responsible Party. While there is a cost, an experienced company will ensure the ability to remain compliant with the new STR Ordinances. Their guidance could lead you to making more revenue on your bookings, while helping you avoid costly Ordinance violations. More importantly, they allow you to free your time so that you can focus on more important matters in life.

Island Services Hosting Program

Island Services has worked with local officials for the clearest understanding of the ordinance requirements and modeled our Responsible Party Hosting Program after numerous workshops with Responsible Party Service vendors in other markets who have had several years experience with similar ordinances already in effect. 

Our basic Hosting Program covers the basic requirements of the 24/7 Call Handling and priority availability to meet the 1 Hour Response time, when be at the property. We work with our owners to use us for as many of the routine property visit services as they wish, or delegate some of those property visits and services to other vendors that are already have negotiated rates with and are already visiting the property regularly. 

We understand that most properties will never have compliance related call outs so we have kept our Base Hosting Program monthly cost affordable to include all types of properties. The additional Call Out services we offer are available on an as needed and as requested basis, HOWEVER our call out and other ordinance compliance related services will ONLY be available to properties that are on our Responsible Party Hosting Program so that we can maintain the level of priority needed to respond to hosted property situations.

Based on much research from our network of Responsible Party Services operating in other areas, what we have found is that the most common call outs to the property will be guest related noise, capacity, parking and general disturbance type issues. Call Out Fees do apply for guest related and compliance calls to the property. The fees associated with our call out services to handle guest related compliance issues would be invoiced as a "Guest Related Compliance Call" and a detailed report would be supplied to the owner for recourse back to the guests. 

** We recommend that these compliance call out fees be specified in your rental contracts so you protect your ability to chargeback to the guest for their actions, if you choose to do so. 



Property spots left in our initial round of hosting


As long as your applications are submitted by Feb 1st you will be considered in compliance until your inspection. If you have not got them in yet, do so as soon as possible to avoid late fees or penalties. 


If Island Services is hosting your property, you will receive a unique phone number for your signage. 

Do NOT list our main office phone number on your STR application. If you have accidentally listed the incorrect phone number we can assist you in filing a corrected application. 

Compliance Services

(Available To Program Members Only)

  • Property Pre-Inspection & Repairs
  • Property Risk Assessments
  • Fire Escape Plans
  • 24/7 Call Hosting - Live Operator
  • Guest Call Routing for Calls Not Pertaining to Ordinance
  • 1 Hour Response Time 
  • Occupancy Compliance
  • Guest Ejections
  • Noise Complaint Resolutions
  • Emergency Trash Service
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Monthly and Weekly Compliance Inspection & Reporting
  • Body Camera Recording 
  • Sign Printing and Installations
  • City & County - Fire, Police, and Inspector Meetings
  • and more... 

Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance Information Resource 

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